Why join us?

Much savings

It is a clear O.P. policy to overcome the lifeless - merely commercial - view to focus on occasional relations with markets, chasing the peaks of profit,or concentrate on a niche, uncertain by definition, supply, to favor solid and lasting relationships with subjects likely to guarantee great product absorptionover the large campaign at predetermined prices, leaping over, as much as possible, each additional segment of the chain, and directly arising before the supermarket chain, whose individual business realities are already interlocutors for years.
This structure allows to reduce fixed costs and provide a range of products geared to the market trends.


Why choose our products?

We follow them from the tree to table

Our products represent the best fruit and vegetable production, as a result of a careful and scrupulous monitoring over the production by our agronomists, in accordance with the product specification, in order to ensure food safety, which is our goal and that of our customers.