A.P.O.S. Soc. Coop. Agr. a r.l.

APOS SOC. COOP. AGRIC. born in 1999, cultivates with passion and respect for nature. The family business has been always dedicated to the production of oranges. The land of the Apos soc. coop. mostly are based in the territory of Paternò (CT) where there are natural conditions (climate, water, soil) avouring the healthy and genuine growth of the orange itself, which with its organoleptic and qualitative properties and quality is one of the most demanded products by the fruit and vegetables market.


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    Apos soc. coop.
    c.da Tre Fontane s.n.
    95047 Paterno – (CT)

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    095 62 20 82

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    095 798 14 02

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